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XDCAM Essentials Episode 1

The Sony XDCAM EX 422 Camcorders; PMW-100, PMW-160 and PMW-200.

To learn more about the XDCAM product line, click here: http://bit.ly/XDCAMSite

PMW-200: http://bit.ly/PMW200Details
PMW-160: http://bit.ly/PMW160Details
PMW-100: http://bit.ly/PMW100Details
Paindoctor : Excellent videos - all of these. I was wondering if you have some recent ones for the newest Sony Camcorders that are out now and also the Z190 and Z280 that are coming out shortly. I need one of these videos to help me make my decision.
Peter Kearney : This also work for PMW300K2?
Ashish Vaghela : hi
My Name is Ashish
i have one question
How to Short cut seting
Kelvin Switch
for Sony PXW X 160
so PlZ Reply
MESFIN MEKONNEN : now i am using xdcam680 the problem now facing me is that the quality of the Lcd is very poor.How can i adjust it? thankyou
Pabitra Kansakar : what about PXW- X 70 ? More explanation about this Camera would be highly appreciated . Thanks in advance.
AGB Studios : What about the pxw-x70?
Rockbridge Media : Why do I get 8 tracks of audio when I drag footage into my Premiere Pro CC project? Only the upper 4 have any data in them, but I get these 4 junk tracks that I just delete. I have a PMW-100 and I copy footage directly from the SxS card onto my storage drive and import them into my project from there. 
Emil : Sould I buy the pmw-200 or the pxw-z100? Even when the Z100 is the new 4k from Sony, looks to me that this resolution will generate extremely big files to edit and work with in FInal Cut or other software. Can't find any blog comparing this two cameras.
Baffometh : Hi Doug,

Thank you very much for your Infos.
I do work with the XDCAM PlugIn allready. I ingest all the clips from my EX1 via Log & Transfer in the FCP7.
Now with your important Infos I can buy a PMW 200.

Thanks again and geetings from Switzerland
Doug Jensen : Hi Baffometh,

Yes, as long as you have all the necessary drivers and plug-ins installed, you can use FCP 7's log and transfer tool with clips from any XDCAM camcorder. However, I prefer to use Sony's free utility software called "Content Browser". This utility has many additional features and functions to help me organize my clips that aren't available with Log & Transfer. It is one of the advantages of working with XDCAM instead of other formats.

XDCAM Essentials Episode 2

In this episode of XDCAM Essentials, Doug Jensen shows how to select the best video format for your production from the more than 50 different recording format combinations available for the PMW-100, PMW-160, and PMW-200. Doug demonstrates, using the camera menu settings, how simple process of elimination and his insightful tips can help give your production the finest video quality available.

To learn more about the XDCAM product line, click here: http://bit.ly/XDCAMSite
• Fedeonius Studion • : cool!!!!
Omar Osama : can we make timelapse with xdcam sony 200 ?
melissaisonair : I absolutely LOVE your instructional videos. LOVE THEM. Thank you
Леонард ***** : Help please??? The message "Fan stopped" POPs up, what to do? After working for half an hour, here's the problem. Sony PMW 300 K1 camera
Kris_cinemascope cine : Dear sir, I wanna know how does can I shoot time lapse in Sony pxw fs7 or fs7 Mark 2 ?

Please give us some solution.
Kammampati Ravi : How to used 2 Memori cards recording Sony video camera menu settings
Joy Edwards : On my pxw 200 I also have exfat which allows me to shoot 60p otherwise I'm left with only 50i, is exfat as good as udf !
joseph sharun : h iii... the execute option in the streaming is not enabled in my cam what should i do to enable that button? my cam is sony xdcam
SHOHAG HD : nice
Corina Andrian : this was such a helpful video thank you very much, you explain very well!

PDW-U1 XDCAM Tutorial - Merlin Video




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